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Maintaining a calorie deficit diet to reach your fitness and health goals shouldn’t deny you an opportunity to enjoy a meal out with friends and family. Because balance is key to reaching your goals, here are three tried and true ways to dine out while still hitting your calorie deficit.

  1. Avoid the “All or Nothing Mentality” Just because your macros are off by a little, doesn’t mean you have to completely go off-track and completely fall off the wagon.

  2. Filling Up Before Going Out The more satiated you are, the less tempted you will be to eat a high-calorie meal while eating at a restaurant. Try this meal strategy before going out: eat a lean protein source, complex carbohydrates, veggies, and 24 oz of water. As an alternative, you can drink a protein shake to feel more full and avoid overindulging.

  3. Eat Fewer Calories Prior prepare for your meal by eating less in the day than you normally would. This is an easy way to control your total daily calorie intake and save calories for your meal out.

If you find that you've overdone it, take this one simple piece of advice — don't give up! Wake up the next morning and get right back on track, eating the meal plan you have established to help you attain your goals. 

Don't have a meal plan? We can help with that!
Schedule an appointment with us to get a customized meal plan unique to you. We’ll assess where you are currently at, and learn about where you want to be. We’ll then give you a meal and exercise plan to help get you there!